VAEX The Meat Traders

VAEX The Meat Traders is part of VAEX The Livestock Traders which has 50 years of experience with the trade in piglets, pigs, sows and breeding cattle.

In 2014 VAEX started with the purchase and sales of carcasses and meat parts. Thanks to the experience in the livestock trading, VAEX has connections in Europe and even beyond.


Meat parts & carcasses
We offer pork items and carcasses from our partners in Europe!

- Fresh/frozen
- S/E/U quality

Do you want to buy meat parts?
We can offer a lot of different meat parts. These items can be packaged in any type of packaging. We discuss this together with the customer.

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Meat parts / carcasses
We connect supply and demand in the meat industry. Because of our wide network within Europe we are a well known partner for slaughterhouses and meat processers.

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We can find the right connection for you. Thanks to 50 years of livestock trading, we have many connections in Europe. 

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